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Who' s Behind Fanta Desing?

We're a cosy group of friends that have decided to use their free time to create something interesting and useful, mainly for those people that don' t know exactly how to deal with computers but still, want to be online with their activities.
We started this adventure as a Hobby, but we' re seeing that day by day the interest for what we offer is growing.

For those reasons we don't engage ourselves to purpose the creation of complex and articulated website,  as business website made with many pages and menu. Having each of us other works, we couldn' t  ensure the customers with the attention that he deserves, but for other kind of website we are available for any kind of options.

Another important topic, both for us and for the client, is timing.
Nowadays, is well known that the time to dedicate to things is always a little, moreover our customers are mostly internationals, so would be almost impossible to have a direct contact.

Luckily this is the kind of job that can be easily developed in online without any face to face contact, infact an email is enough to send everything is needed for the creation of a website: photos, illustrations, painting, description,etc..
Moreover the web give us also other way of commnications like Skype, and if the internet connection is not good enought there's always the good old phone.

The less possible impact, both for time and sources, and you will get your own website with a minimum  committment.


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